Monday, October 10, 2016

Word Vomit...

Have you every had one of those really great moments with someone you love or are in a relationshpi with...where you can be fully yourself and just really enjoy their company. Really enjoy the moment and then next thing you know they are word vomiting all over the place.

Mind you not literal vomit, but words...rambling sometimes nonsense that doesn't even make sense...or on a topic that is completely out of left field...pulling you away from that sublime moment and making you go WTF? How did we get here?

So your brain adjusts and you force the hamster in the wheel to start working, get the gears firing and you are trying to either follow their train of thought, or start asking questions to try to get them to divulge a little deeper. And they stop, pause or just roll over and want to go to sleep.

To me, this is the worst and rudest thing to do. It takes me a long time to finally relax, get my brain a little quiet (it's a whole lot easier when I do yoga) brain like a busy bee jumps from idea to idea, memory to day dream, question to opinion. When I finally get to have that moment of where it shuts off (mostly) and I haven't had to force it or con it into submission (with breathing techniques), I really don't want to talk about anything major.

Basic animal wants come into play: food, sex, water..sleep. perhaps in that order...perhaps not...but it is entirely frustrating and to me rude when my ability to be able to decompress and relax gets all thrown out of wack because my loved one wants to talk about something serious before bed.

Which yes, I have been the culprit so many times of this, but it ends up with late night talks that normally go no where and the feeling of a looming headache and weird day the next morning.

My final thoughts of the night, when you feel word vomit coming on...warn your partner...or try to swallow it down and save it for the day time.

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